Oakbio has developed an efficient, proprietary biotechnology platform for converting streams of waste carbon into readily marketable, high value products. Oakbio’s technology has demonstrated the conversion of CO2 from flue gas and other carbon sources into food and feed products, bioplastics, and chemicals.

The process is simple and straightforward. Raw flue gas (the CO2 source), combined with hydrogen, is fed into a bioreactor containing a solution of Oakbio’s proprietary microbes. The microbes rapidly consume the carbon/hydrogen mixture, generating specific products depending on the type of microbes and the process conditions. The system can be configured to operate as either a batch or continuous process. Because the energy for the conversion is derived from the hydrogen, the system can operate continuously – a distinct advantage over photosynthetic microbes that require sunlight to grow. 

The technology has been fully validated on the bench and in the field. Oakbio’s microbes have successfully captured and converted CO2 from raw cement flue gas and oil refinery waste gas into n-butanol and PHA bioplastics. Animal feed and feed additives have been produced in laboratory conditions.